Captain Stephen Owolabi Martins

A Master Mariner boasting over 25 years of profound expertise in the shipping, oil, and gas sectors, envisioned the establishment of a conglomerate destined to emerge as leading ship-owners and suppliers of refined petroleum products within the global bunkering/shipping industry.

He earned his Masters Certificate of Competency in 1998, accredited by NIMASA. Furthering his qualifications, he pursued and attained his Masters in Certificate of Competency from South Tyneside, United Kingdom, from 2004 to 2005. His illustrious career commenced aboard MT ABEBI (4500dwt), a tanker vessel under Skolar Shipping Lines Ltd’s ownership on Victoria Island, Lagos, where he served as Master from 1996 – 2000. Subsequently, he commanded vessels such as MT Ocean Challenger, MT Great Atlantic, and MT Sea Pearl, all managed by AL-Dawood Shipping Lines Limited between 2003 – 2004.

His leadership extended to vessels like MT Olympic (6500MT) and MT Olympic Pride (11,500mt), owned by Obat Petroleum & Gas Ltd, where he served as Master.

Driven by determination, perseverance, and unyielding dedication, he laid the foundations of Azimuth Shipping Lines Ltd in 2001, followed by the establishment of Delakes Oil Trading Limited. These ventures have since flourished into household names within the shipping, oil, and gas realm. His success is attributed to astute insight, tireless endeavour, and an extensive network founded on mutual respect. Undoubtedly, he personifies a man of destiny and purpose. Married with children, he epitomizes leadership and achievement.

    Azimuth Shipping Lines Ltd is a key player in Nigeria's maritime, oil, and gas sectors, renowned for excellence and responsibility. Through strategic partnerships, we offer comprehensive transportation services, including petroleum products, ship-to-ship transfers, and more. Our focus on value addition ensures quality throughout the petroleum handling process.


    5B Alhaji Hussein Sunmonu Street Off Road 12, Lekki Phase I, Lagos Nigeria


    +234 803 315 8878